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The best advertisment for a course is to hear what others have to say about it. Here is what some past participants have to say about David's trading courses.

A great insight. John.

Thanks David. The course was very instructive and entertaining. Katherine.

The course notes were excellent! Geoff.

My trading it's going good, so good that I will be able to take my family on holiday! Jorge

Good, and friendly!

A very good course. Jon.

Wish it were longer! - very interesting. George.

..I didn't make it to class this week David - I"m really upset I missed it - you are always so good!! Alex.

I am gleaning useful insights into the trading process ...I enjoy your teaching style. Ron

Thanks for sharing your experience in an interesting course. PS. Loved the Trading course notes for lesson 8; valuable stuff! Ian

Thank you for last night's class. I am really enjoying the class and find your teaching style delightful. Keith

Thanks so much for your insight. Much appreciated .. Hilary.

..thank you for teaching the courses. It has been excellent and I have learnt a lot. Josip

Thanks Dave, you always manage to put things in prespective... thanks... John

I have enjoyed your style of imparting your knowledge , especially the way you have expressed your real life experiences.This was an extra bonus to the group. I am using your techniques with my other business interests. You have shed a different light on how I approach my trading and I thankyou for this. I am trying to impart this knowledge to my children so they will also benefit. ...Once again thankyou very much. Raff



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